• Stand in solidarity with marginalized communities and progressive values that are under attack.
  • Resist money in politics corruption and voter suppression laws.
  • Resist attacks on basic democratic norms (freedom the press, assembly, religion, etc.)
  • Resist anti-democracy Supreme Court nominations.
  • Define the Republican Party as anti-democratic.
  • Impeach Trump and any successor who continues his fascist agenda.

We will be pressed to defend democracy on all fronts as it is assaulted by Trump and the Republican Party in their attempt to consolidate power. New voter suppression laws passed by Republican state legislatures; proposed legislation to destroy limits on direct campaign contributions; the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice who supports Citizens United; attacks on our most basic democratic norms like religious liberty, freedom of the press, the right to peaceful protest, and constitutional checks and balances. If we are to prevent these attacks on our democracy from taking hold, we must mount a full-scale civil resistance effort against them. 

Part of what that means is understanding and representing Trump and the GOP as forces fundamentally hostile to a One person One vote representative democracy. Trump has been priming the public for massive new federal voter suppression measures by doubling-down on the lie that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election. Republican Congress members Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows have introduced legislation that would enable unlimited campaign contributions directly to candidates and campaigns. Out of the 20 states that have passed voting restrictions since 2010, 18 are controlled by Republicans. And the Interstate Crosscheck program—which purged roughly a million people from the rolls—was the brainchild of longtime Republican operatives and was overwhelmingly used in Republican-controlled states.

There should be no mystery about why this is the case. Voter suppression strategies deliberately target people of color, young people, and poor people because all of these groups are less likely to vote for Republicans. The GOP voter base of older white conservatives is a declining population, while the Democratic voter base of increasingly progressive young people, working people, and people of color is on the rise. Disenfranchising these communities is a matter of electoral survival for the Republican Party and it is a strategy that they must not maintain, but accelerate if they want to offset the demographic shift in America toward more young and diverse progressive voters.

Defending democracy also means defeating Trump, either by outright impeachment, or by widespread resistance and delegitimization that cripple his ability to govern and implement his agenda. Trump has entered office after the most undemocratic presidential election in decades. He has record-low popularity and virtually no mandate. His use of the presidency as a mechanism for personal profit, his dangerous behavior in regards to foreign policy, his indifference to democratic checks and balances, and his flagrant violations of the constitution all make him fundamentally unfit to be president. We believe that we must understand and represent Trump as an illegitimate, authoritarian fascist who must be stopped, either by impeachment or through the ballot box in 2020.

Finally, because the new Trump and GOP regime pose such enormous threats not only to American democracy but to the entire ecosystem of progressive issues, movements, and struggles, we believe we must consistently show up and stand in solidarity with marginalized communities that are under attack and defend our progressive values wherever they are under siege.