Once we elect a wave of pro-reform progressives into Congress and state legislatures, the stage will be set for the final act. We will use time-honored tactics of escalating nonviolent action on a massive scale to force Congress and the President to pass our sweeping reform agenda. This means organizing and executing sustained nationwide protest, civil disobedience, and noncooperation until the reform agenda is enacted. Through massive and prolonged disruption and sacrifice, we will create a moral crisis in the United States that will decisively shift the political weather towards swift reform, imposing unavoidable political costs for dissenting politicians and generating clear political benefits for those who join us on the right side of history.

At the end of the day, regardless of how successful we may be at the ballot box, history shows us that we must be trained and prepared to escalate, to nonviolently disrupt, and to refuse our consent and cooperation from those in authority in order to achieve our goals. We must be ready to strike, boycott, sit-in, and walk-out. We must be ready to stand up and put our bodies and liberty on the line to ensure we have a democracy that works for all of us. Together, we must be prepared to utilize that force which is more powerful than any president or party: People Power.